Pintlala Historical Association
Monday, June 26, 2017
Crossroads of Pintlala's past and future.

Meeting Date


Pintlala Historical Association Meeting

The PHA will meet on Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 2:30 in the Fellowship Hall of Pintlala Baptist Church due to Easter being on the third Sunday of April.

Our speaker will be our own Gary Burton.  He will present a program on Methodist circuit-rider Lorenzo Dow.  Gary prepared this paper for presentation at the Alabama Department of Archives and History in conjunction with the  Montgomery Landmarks Association’s series, Cultural Crossroads. This series has had fourteen programs and is supported by Alabama Humanities Foundation, an affiliate of the National Foundation of the Humanities.   Gary’s presentation was very well received by those attending the Crossroads Symposium in February. Please come to hear about this interesting and colorful “preacher”.  Invite friends and neighbors to attend.  

Many contend that Lorenzo Dow was the first Protestant preacher in what became Mississippi and Alabama. He was a Methodist, but the Methodists never fully embraced him. Lorenzo Dow was known for his eccentricities, but he was also a person of substance. Thousands flocked to hear him. He was well connected. In 1816 Dow and his wife, Peggy, spent the night in Manack's Tavern on the Federal Road, in the heart of current-day Pintlala. There was not a more unique character in the Mississippi Territory.

 Picture: Gary is visiting the gravestone of Lorenzo Dow in October, 2016, outside Washington, D. C.